Find Your Niche & Stand Out Online

Okay, so why do you even need a niche?

If you pick the right niche, it’s easier to get noticed. If you do it well, you become the "go-to" person for that market, helping your target audience find you more easily, and gain more traffic to your Instagram page. 

An important step in building a successful personal brand is finding your niche or focus. But if you're like me, a multi-passionate, you may struggle to narrow down all the things you could do on Instagram. 

Here are 3 actionable strategies that will show you how to find your niche market. 

1. Start with what you have.

Ask yourself these questions:  

  • What are you good at? 

  • What do you already know?

  • What do your friends and family like to go to you for advice in?

  • What do you enjoy?

  • What can you do for hours that can make you forget to eat or pee?

  • Is there a market? Will people pay for products and services in this particular niche?

If you plan to monetise your Instagram account, you will want to make sure the answer to the last question about whether there's a market fits in with your talent, skills, knowledge and interest.


2. Find a list of blogs about your niche.  

If you don't know any, go on Google and type in "best blogs about ____" , filling in the blank for whatever niche you've decided to focus on. Make a list of these blogs and categorise these blogs further. For example if you pick health and fitness, you'll see some blogs about dieting, some about workouts, some about holistic wellness and the list goes on. The more you explore these blogs, the more ideas you get on how to niche down. There are be millions of blogs about workouts but you will realise that some of these blogs will target different segments of the population, some may be young women, stay-home moms, busy entrepreneurs, men who want to build muscle quickly with no dieting or men who want to take part in bodybuilding etc. Do you see how the possibilities sub-niches are endless? The more niche you are, the closer you are in finding your target audience.

3. Brainstorm what to post about the sub-niche you picked.   

Another way to find sub-niches is to go on Udemy, a website platform selling courses. Udemy has courses from all types of fields. Go to the "categories" at the top left corner of the site, find your main topic you're interested in and look through the sub-topics of each topic. When you decide on your sub-niche, take a look at the courses available for that sub-niche. If you click into a course, you will see a brief overview of the course's contents. These are some ideas on what you can post about.  

That's it! These are 3 things you can start doing today to find and own your niche. Coming up with a content plan will be a whole lot easier when you have narrowed down on what you want to focus on. When you come up with great content, you start to be an authority in your field and be seen as the expert online. 

strategies to find your niche online